Drew’s birthday has come and gone and the actual day wasn’t as bad as the days leading up to it. I had to work and we were so busy. I guess being busy was a blessing. Then that evening the little t-ball team had their first game!!! I went straight from work to the ball field.

I wanted to sponsor a baseball team this year to help spread the smiles. So Smiles sponsored a t ball team called The Fighting Squirrels! Drew would have loved it! Drew played baseball too. I know surprise huh? During the spring we were at Ragel Park almost every night of the week. As the boys got older the practices and games lasted longer and longer.



You don’t realize what memories a place holds until they smack you in the face. I was driving into the parking lot last night to the park and I could feel my eyes filling with tears. I had to check my rear-view mirror to see if I had a car full of stinky boys going to practice. Nope, it was just me. No chatter of who was going to hit the ball over the fence, no dugout songs to practice. ¬†Those are good memories I will hold onto and hopefully start making new ones.

In the idea of making new memories Smiles From Drew could always use more support. Whether that is a donation so we can help the kids participate in these activities or volunteering to help us get the word out about us. If you are interested fill out this form and I let me know how you can help.

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