This was one rough week. It seemed like a lot was thrown at us. I guess it’s not much different than any other time. Usually when it rains it pours and all you can hope for his a break in the storm so you can take cover.

My Mom got sick while she was visiting my sister. When she got back she ended up in the hospital on Monday.  When she first go there they were thinking it was pneumonia, then they ruled that out and they thought it was a blood clot. After many tests and several days admitted it ended up being a severe allergic reaction to something that was sprayed on the grass.

Molly started spiking a fever on Sunday. We didn’t think much of it because it seemed like every single person around her had the sniffles or a cough. While I was at the ER with my Mom on Monday night Molly’s fever spiked to 104.7. Came home and gave her some Tylenol and put her in a tepid bath. Her fever kept spiking all night. Randall ended up taking her to urgent care to get her checked out. Poor thing was so sick. She ended up testing positive for Influenza A. They gave her a breathing treatment and sent us home with Tamiflu. There was a problem with her testing positive for the flu. Everyone in my house was banned from going to the hospital to visit my Mom.


I ended up having to call some wonderful ladies from church to go visit her. I am sure everyone at the hospital thought my mother had really horrible family. Poor Molly was so sick and my husband and I took turns taking time off work so that we could be home with her. I was so worried about my Mom cause the Dr’s at the hospital was having such a hard time finding out what was wrong with her.

Molly’s fever didn’t end up breaking until Thursday and she finally started feeling better. My Mom was released from the hospital on Thursday also. Thankfully Madi was able to go pick her up and take her home.

It seems like everyone is on the mend now (thank goodness) and doing better and better everyday. Poor Molly still has a wicked cough and it will take my Mom some time to recover. When all the commotion dies down you just sit back and breath a sigh of relief that week is finally over.


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