Since the fall I have been taking media arts classes at our local community college. I decided to take media arts so that I can understand how to update the Smiles From Drew website. It’s been a long and frustrating road but I think I may be getting it. I finally feel like I may be understanding why I need to do things they way they need to be done. I am beginning to think that is half the battle.

You will notice now and in the coming weeks the blog looks a little different. I am taking a WordPress class and I am learning all the great things I can have on this site. My ultimate goal is for more people to know about Smiles which in turn lets them know about Drew. So when are reading the blog look around, check out the pages (some I haven’t finished), and tell people about it. I’ve been working hard and would love some feedback on what you find useful.

I do know that I have very few people are going to the Smiles From Drew website and I would love to change that. Thanks once again for reading and most of all for supporting me, my family, and Smiles. Remember the best way for people to know about us is to share this blog, share his website, and share his Facebook page.


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