I have wanted to do a big event for Smiles for a long time. The only problem with a big event is that it takes a lot of time and planning. I have been told if you have a great big event then it would cover your nonprofit for most of the year. I have racked my brain as to what we could do but still have the feeling Drew would be a part of it. That has been the hard part. There were so many things that Drew liked, he loved sports, video games, and The Walking Dead.

When I started writing his likes down that’s when I the idea came to me….a Zombie golf tournament. As we all know there are some ideas that are easier said then done. I was beginning to think this was one of those ideas.

Last year I started contacting our local golf courses to see how much it would cost for us to do a tournament. Let me just say Wow! There was no way Smiles could come up with that kind of money. Not to mention, when I started explaining to the people in charge of the golf courses they would just give me a blank stare. They had no idea how we would pull of a Zombie golf tournament. This is the part of the plan that may have been easier said and done. To reach my vision we would have to do the tournament at night. Which means for it to happen at a decent time we would have to wait till it gets darker earlier but by then we risk it being too cold.

I filed all this info away thinking it might be several years before this could happen. It was just going to be too complicated. Then last weekend happened. The girls and I were at the mall shopping for things for prom. Molly wasn’t getting the fact that we weren’t shopping for her and was not digging being at the mall for “no good reason”. Madi took Molly on the train so I could take our bags to the car and there was a lady standing next to a store. The store used to be the arcade in the mall but now it’s Glow in the dark indoor golf! She handed me a paper and said we do fundraisers. I bet if anyone was standing next to me they would have literally seen the light bulb above my head. This was the place we could have our Zombie golf tournament. We wouldn’t have to worry about weather or whether it got dark early enough. I talked to her for a little bit and told her my idea and she was really excited about the idea. 

As with any great idea it needs to be refined.  I need to figure out how we are going to let people participate. Are we going to have people sign up as teams or individuals. I am going to have to get people together to help plan. We will need advertising, food, and of course people that want to sign up to be Zombies!

So stay tuned as soon as I figure them out I will let everyone know the details. My thought at the moment is to have the tournament the weekend of his 2nd anniversary. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I am up for those too.


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