[youtube]     Music can bring so many emotions. You listen to a song and it can bring you back to the time that you either first heard the song or the reason the song means something to you. Some of my greatest memories are tied to a song. I remember the first tape I had gotten. It was […]


Hard Work…..

Since the fall I have been taking media arts classes at our local community college. I decided to take media arts so that I can understand how to update the Smiles From Drew website. It’s been a long and frustrating road but I think I may be getting it. I finally feel like I may be understanding why I need […]


There just isn’t enough time to do all the things I Need to do. I’m pretty sure most people but mostly Moms feel this also. You have to be everything to everybody and there just isn’t enough time. I think you feel the slipping of time a little more when you have lost a child. You notice the ticking of […]