There are just some days that you wonder why you even left the house….

You are surrounded by people that annoy you to the point that you understand why some people become hermits. You wonder how some of these people have survived as long as they have.
There are times in my path of grief that my patience level is in the negative margin. When I was younger my temper fuse was very short. Minor things used to make me so angry. When I got to my mid-twenties I realized my anger and annoyance was only hurting myself. The person or situation did not care that I was upset. I am sure these people did not stew over the fact that I was annoyed. I am pretty sure that they didn’t even notice. I got to the point that I would take a deep breath and let all that tension and anger go.

Fuck everything happens for a reason

The thing about losing a child is you get angry.

  • You get really angry, you get angry at other people that ¬†have intact families.
  • You get angry at God that your child was taken away.
  • You get angry at yourself that you didn’t stop it and be able to protect your child.
  • You get angry that you go to the store and they are out of the one item you needed.
  • You get angry that someone cut you off in traffic.
  • You are just angry.

There are some days I have no idea why I am angry I just am…..

Here is a blog post about anger and grief.


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