9 months doesn’t sound like that long of a time…that is unless you are counting down the days. 9 months is 3/4 of a year or 273.75 days or 6, 570 hours. That is how long it has been since I have seen or touched my Drew Bear. I carried him in my womb for 9 months. I have never been away from him this long. Poor guy, he didn’t even last 9 months at school till he got homesick. I remember the time when I thought he would never leave the house. He would joke that he was going to build us a basement so that he could live in it.

Oh how I wish he was laying on my couch. The times I have prayed that I would turn that corner and he would be walking out the bathroom. 9 months is also long enough to realize that I will be missing him forever. The things that would do that would drive me up the wall I now long for. Randall went golfing yesterday and was telling me that he was missing Drew. Drew loved to drive the golf cart all crazy.

Drew’s birthday is in 3 weeks. He would have been counting down. He was turning 21. He was so excited and he had big plans. Drew always had big plans. Drew a dreamer and schemer. He wanted to get rich quick and knew just the way to do it.  When he turned 21 he was going to go to the casinos and win big there. Drew had this phenomenal mind where it came to numbers and he was going to count cards and win big! He had been telling me his plan a few weeks before he died. I just smiled as he told me because I knew I would not be able to tell him that it probably would not work out that way.

When I got my craft machine and started making t-shirts he and his friend Chico decided that they were going to become t-shirt mogul. Chico was going to design them, Drew was going to sell them and I assume I was the free labor. They came over for several weeks showing me designs and telling me their plans. The only hiccup was I told them that they needed to buy their own materials to make the shirts. It was quite funny how all of sudden the idea of making shirts didn’t appeal so much. There are so many stories of Drew coming up with ingenious ways to make money. I could probably fill a book. I was telling a friend yesterday that if he had put half as much work in his school that he did in his plans he really would have been a millionaire.

I will tell those stories another time. I know I miss my Drew Bear and love him dearly. I try to get up each day and do something good so he would be proud. 411790_426438747379692_120869049_o

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