If anyone knew Drew you knew he loved being the center of attention. He was like that his whole life. Madison wasn’t born till he was four so he had four whole years of mine and everyone else’s undivided attention. And boy did he love that attention.

When he was younger it was always “watch me Mama” or “look what I can do”. The look what I can do’s usually involved my heart being in my throat and yelling at him to get down. I had a love/hate relationship with Batman. Drew found out the hard way that Batman and he had something in common, they could not fly. That was one of our many trips to the emergency room.  If I was ever doing something that had nothing to do with him he would make sure that he would get that limelight. He knew that if his crazy antics did not work he would crawl in my lap and ask me how much I loved him. He would ask this question almost every night before bed and my answer was almost always the same. I love you more than there are stars, I love you more than there is ocean and once he found the movie Toy Story I would tell him I love him to infinity and beyond. He would just do his sly little smile and tell me he knows and he would drift off to sleep.

As he got older he realized he could more attention by being the class clown. I had many meetings with teachers with them telling me that Drew would be so much farther if he would just concentrate on his work and less on socializing. That is the thing about Drew he loved to socialize, he loved to talk to people and to make them laugh. When he came into a room everyone knew it. He just had one of those personalities. This trait was sometimes his curse because he also could not get away with anything. If he didn’t rat himself out, he would get caught (9 times out of 10) on camera.

Drew had such a big personality. I think that is the hardest to lose. His love for life and all things funny. He would and could turn anything into a joke. As he got older it was usually a dirty joke that old Mom wasn’t supposed to “get”. He would spend weeks on the perfect stories for these jokes. He would also bring as many people as he could into his circle of laughter. The more people into his joke the better.

Drew had a calling towards squirrels. He loved them he said if he could ever turn into an animal it would be a squirrel. We had gone to the zoo one time when he was like in the 4th grade. Instead of looking at all the animals that are on display we spent 3 hours tracking down all the squirrels in the zoo and taking pictures of them. After that trip he came up with this story of what a rabid squirrel on steroids would act like. He talked about rabid squirrels on steroids for months and the story behind it would get bigger and better as time went on. He even had a friend of mine who was a great artist draw a picture of his vision.

With his love for being the center of attention he hated for people to feel left out of something. If he saw kids that weren’t getting picked for teams he would call them, or he would find the kids on the playground that didn’t have friends and make them one of his. He had such a gentle soul. He did not like to see people suffer, he also had a very strong sense of what was right and wrong. Now he didn’t always use this knowledge but he knew all the same. This is the quality of him that I am most proud as mother to have seen grow in him.

When I have those moments when I think this is just too much for me to bear I just try to envision his sweet face telling me “look at me Mama” and try to be as good of person as he would want me to be. He will always be in limelight in my heart and I want to make him proud.

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