The First Christmas

  Here it is Christmas Eve. The stockings are hung, stories were read, and cookies were left out. The kids have gone to bed and it’s on to the real work for parents on Christmas Eve. I sit here thinking of Christmas’ past and start to tear up. All the Christmas’ I spent staying up all night putting together “easy […]


This week has been so hard. The lights, the hustle and the bustle, the knowing I will not see his face Christmas morning. I had been able to push it all aside to get things done till Sunday. I’m sitting in church and they are singing the most beautiful songs and it hit me. My son is gone, dead, never […]


The Holidays are in high gear. I see the people running around like crazy looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. I see the excited looks on the children’s faces as the excitement of the holiday starts to crescendo.  But I feel as if I am floating through it all.  I’m trying to go through the motions. I […]


4 Long Months

Yesterday it had been 4 long months since I saw his smiling face. It has been 4 long months since I got a text from him asking how my day is going. It’s been 4 long months since he got to pick on Madison and make her holler that he was squishing her. It’s been 4 long months since he […]